Monster-Split Moose Antler Chews


MONSTER-SPLIT MOOSE ANTLER  Dog Chews are cut from fresh, premium quality, naturally shed Moose antlers. The Base of a moose antler is the most dense & durable portion of any antler around, if you have a power chewer this will be a challange.

This MONSTER-SPLIT MOOSE antler dog chew is NOT for just any Dog, if you have a power chewer that can destroy everything including most antlers, look no further than the Monster-Split Moose Chew!

Be sure you and your Dog are prepared for the most dense and durable antler chew in the world!

Monster-Split MOOSE CHEWS are sold by the Piece,

(Meaning Quantity-1 =1 chew)

  • AVERAGE LENGTH LG –  8- 10″ Long
  • AVERAGE WIDTH LG –  2″ Wide
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Your Dog will love a tasty Moose Antler Chew treat while removing plaque and getting the healthy benefits of calcium, zinc, and other needed nutrients.

Unlock your Dog’s natural instincts the healthy way, BUY Yellowstone Premium Moose Antler Chews today!

Why Choose Antlers over other Dog treats?

Fresh Grade A+ Yellowstone Premium Antler Dog Chews will typically not chip or splinter when they are being chewed, unlike processed bones, or other lesser quality box store antler chews. Your Dog’s chewing action grinds the antler down slowly minimizing the consumption as well as other hazards.

Fresh Yellowstone Antlers have virtually no odor or residue to get on your carpet or furniture. Antlers will vary in shape, thickness, and color so no two antler pieces are alike, chances are your dog will enjoy the variety of these antler chews.

With our Moose antlers, there is only one Ingredient, Antler. Thankfully, antlers are an annually renewable resource so you can feel good knowing your antler chews come from Nature, and in the way Nature intended it. Obviously, Antler chews contain no artificial or added Hormones, Antibiotics, Nasty & Smelly Slaughterhouse Animal By-Products, Steroids, Dyes, Chemicals, or Preservatives.


Natural, Hickory Smoked

5 reviews for Monster-Split Moose Antler Chews

    John Gordon
    April 5, 2022
    Lucy's Faves - Bull Mastiff is crazy for these guys. Fast Shipping and a great product.
    John Gordon
    April 5, 2022
    Lucy's Faves - my 9 month Bull Mastiff is crazy for these guys. Fast Shipping and a great product.
    Renee Bristow
    August 4, 2019
    Great Value. I was going through at least 2 YAK chews a week. These keep their interest longer.
    Luanna Craven
    July 15, 2019
    I did order those monster bones but they were toooo big for Gracie, an alpha boxer, 6.75 years old. So I will give those to another bigger, younger dog. I reordered the medium split which is arriving today. She loves her moose bones.
    Missy Rowland
    April 23, 2018
    I have a 11 month Aussie Shepherd/Catahoula Leopard dog mix Named Ozzy and boy is he a chewer. We call him destructo because that is his "job". I have tried every kind of chew there is that is all natural and within hours and sometimes minutes he has devoured them all. I gave him a split moose antler about a week ago and he has done nothing but chew on it. When I tell you it looks almost brand new trust me. I am so surprised to say that he isn't bored with it, carries it all around the house with him, and just truly loves it. There is no marrow like the splint elk or deer. Next week I will introduce the elk splint to him next. I really give this 10 stars. From the way the products were packed to how fast I had a question answered to seeing that they are 100% natural.
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