Large Moose Stick Antler Dog Chew


Introducing the NEW Large Moose Stick antler dog chew! Dogs just LOVE this long, round & chewy Long-Lasting Moose Antler Tine!

Offered on a per-piece basis (that is, Qty 1 = 1 chew).

Average Dimensions: Hand selected for the best consistency and quality the Large Moose Stick averages 8- 10 inches long and has a tapering diameter that starts around 2″ at the wider end.

Average Weight: The Large Moose Stick will generally average 1/2 pound each.

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Natural, Hickory Smoked

1 review for Large Moose Stick Antler Dog Chew

    March 8, 2022
    Best thing for my dog to keep her teeth clean! These don’t splinter and last a very long time. Finally ordering another one after my dog finally go through the last one. Quality product I’d recommend to all dog owners!
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